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 Cabal Regulations

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PostSubject: Cabal Regulations   Cabal Regulations I_icon_minitime19/1/2013, 5:07 am

These are some basic rules, that we should agree on. Feel free to suggest additional principles.

Cabal Regulations

§1 There currently is no obligation to play on a regular basis.

§2.1 While playing the game make use of the cabal-chat. Say hello, ask questions, tell jokes, group up, be social.
§2.2 A friendly and helpful tonality is self-evident.

§3.1 Everybody has to register to this forum
§3.2 Posting on this forum regulary, will gain you a more sophisticated cabal-rank.
§3.3 Exception: §3.2 will only become effective, if you want it to.

§4 The cabal bank is where we store our Blueprints and Purpleprints.

§5 You want a friend of yours to join us? Tell your Officers!

Recruitment Restrictions

§1.1 We recruit member from all over the world
§1.2 Exception: Solid knowledge of the english language is mandatory

§2 There is no QL-restriction. You can have either complete QL 10.5 or just QL 0
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Cabal Regulations
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